:: His Highness Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan -
    The Commoner King ::
H.H. Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan was born on October 24, 1937 in the royal family of Chota Udepur to H.H. Maharaja Natwarsingh Chauhan and Maharani Kusum Kuverba. Virendrasingh succeeded to the throne of Chota Udepur at the tender age of nine, in 1946, due to the untimely death of his father H.H. Maharaja Natwarsingh Chauhan. At that time, the freedom movement of India was at its zenith. Chota Udepur stayed an independent state till 1948, when it became a part of the Union of India.

Maharaja Virendrasingh was educated at the prestigious Mayo College, Ajmer till his matriculation and Daly college at Indore till his Intermediate. These century old college were an educational institution established by the British to ensure to the sons of the Indian aristocracy, a free and enlightened education. These educational institution has been called the 'Eton of India'. His batch mates in school included the other royal princes of that time. He completed his intermediate from the Daly College, Indore, and went on to complete his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with Economics from the Nowrosjee Wadia College of Arts, Pune University. After completion of his college education, Maharaja Virendrasingh joined the Tata Group, for a duration of 3 years. From 1960 to 1963, H.H. Virendrasinghji obtained training on the softer skills of Business Administration. This exposure to the corporate culture was purposefully planned by Virendrasinghji, as this professional touch would empower him with the capabilities to manage his enterprises and property more effectively and professionally. It is primarily this exposure at the Tata Group that helped him to set up and effectively manage his several enterprises.

Virendrasinghji's youth was a turbulent period for all the monarchies in India. During 1970-71, the constitution of India was amended, the Princes were derecognized, their privy purses and all privileges were withdrawn. It was during this period of adversity for the monarchy, that the professional skills of the Maharaja assisted him in his several enterprises.

Maharaja Virendrasingh has held office of Director / Promoter of several medium and large companies during the period of 1960 - 1974. Some of them are:

 Nestler Boilers Pvt. Ltd , Bombay - as Promoter MD ( 1962 - 66)

 Everest Refrigerants Ltd., Bombay - as Promoter MD ( 1964 - 68)

 Bombay Malleable Steel Casting Ltd., - as Promoter MD (1965 - 68 )

 Specialty Papers ltd., Vapi - as Chairman & MD ( 1965 - 70)

 The Eastern Paper Mill Ltd, Calcutta - as Director (1968 - 70)

 Indian Aluminum Cables Ltd., New Delhi - as Director (1965 - 74)

Some of the major companies where H.H. Maharaja Saheb held office of Director were

Tata Sons Ltd., Tata Mills Ltd., National Radio & Electronics Co. Ltd., Montana Investments & Finance Pvt. Ltd., Virendra Garments Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., a self initiated enterprise.

Maharaja Virendrasingh can be termed the "Commoner King". In spite of belonging to the Chauhan dynasty of royals, he worked with the Tata Group as a trainee, taking hands-on training in management skills. There after, he had been a Director and Promoter in several companies.

During the 1970s, the Maharaja diverted his attention to the uplift of his erstwhile subjects of Chota Udepur. Chota Udepur was then an indistinct town some 100 kms away from Baroda city. This town had a mixed population, tribals forming the majority. The other communities were Brahmins, Muslims and Banias. All the communities needed to be brought together for the uplift of Chota Udepur. Also there was no proper civic system in place; education system in Chota Udepur was being degraded. For the uplift of the town, Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan started several non profit charitable trusts.

The Shree Virendra Education Society was formed to develop the education system in the town and surrounding villages.

The Mahakali Seva Trust was established for the uplift of the condition on women in the Chota Udepur society.

The Manav Kalyan Trust was established for the betterment of the tribals in and around Chota Udepur and to provide them with employment opportunities.

The Siddhi Vinayak Vidhyotejak Foundation was established to bring together all the communities of Chota Udepur in a common platform.

Maharaja Virendrasingh is the proprietor of several concerns namely - Virendra Construction and Estate Developers, The Virendra Talkies, The Kusum Vilas Prem Bhuvan Hotels Pvt. Ltd.

A widely traveled person, H.H. Maharaja Saheb has visited virtually all parts of the world either as part of business delegations or to promote his several enterprises. He has visited several countries including Germany, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, USA, Switzerland, UAE, France, Mauritius and several other nations.

Currently H.H, Maharaja is actively involved in the restoration of the Kusum Vilas Palace at Chota Udepur. He has initiated a new enterprise - a garment manufacturing plant in Mauritius to supply ready made garments to all the major brands.

H.H. Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan has had an exciting and eventful life. Born during the peak of the freedom struggle, he can be literally termed as one of the "Midnight's Children". He has been witness to the changing India in the last 60 years, he himself playing roles of a Maharaja to an enterprising industrialist. H.H. Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan passed away in Jaipur on June 27, 2006.