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Late H.H. Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan, in his state office at the Kusum Vilas Palace,
Chota Udedpur.
Maharani Nirmalkumari and Late Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan at the Kusum Vilas Palace. Late H.H. Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan enjoying a game of billiards at the Royal billiards room. Late H. H. Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan and H. H. Maharaja Aishwarya Pratap Chauhan during their visit to Mauritius.
The Prem Bhuvan palace at Chota Udepur. This palace lies adjacent to the Kusum Vilas Palace. The imposing Kusum Vilas Palace at Chota Udepur. This beautiful palace built in the Indo-Sarcenic style is the official residence of the Royal family of
Chota Udepur.
The Session’s court at Chota Udepur. Prior to Independence, this mansion was the Secretariat of the Chota Udepur State. Tourist cottages built in the palace compound of the Kusum Vilas Palace. These cottages have been built with the idea of promoting the Kusum Vilas Palace as a tourist destination.
This is one of the finest examples of European marble sculpture. Another view of the fountain with the Kusum Vilas Palace in the background. The main entrance of the palace compound. One of the sentry posts in the palace compound. The Prem Bhuvan palace is visible from within.
The Churkan ceremony of Prince Aishwarya Pratap Chauhan,Maharani Hemlata Devi and Maharaja Saheb are performing the rituals. Late Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan (in right) with the Maharaja of Rajpipla (centre) on occasion of the Churkan ceremony. Maha Kali, the presiding deity of the Maha Kali Temple at Chota Udepur. Three princes – from left - Prince Jai Pratap Chauhan, Prince Aishwarya Pratap Chauhan and Prince Bhawani Pratap Chauhan.
Maharajkumar Bhavanipratapsingh with Rajmata with Police Commisioner     of Vadodara. Yuvraj Jaypratapsingh and   H. H. Maharaja Ranjitsingh Gaekwar of Vadodara at weding occassion of H. H. Maharaja Aishwaryapratapsingh V. Chauhan Maharaja Aishwaryapratap & Mr. Robin Dean of Sotheby’s with Late H.H. Maharaja Virendrasingh N. Chauhan. Late Maharaja Virendrasingh Chauhan with other citizens of Chota Udepur.