:: A Marahani Remembers… ::

Maharaja Saheb used to donate to charities regularly. All his donations were never declared to one and all. One of the examples of his charitable nature is in Mauritius. He once donated a taxi to a needy person in Mauritius. Today that person is the owner of an entire fleet of taxis. He holds Maharaja Saheb in the utmost regard at par with a holy figure. On learning of Maharaja Saheb's passing away, the taxi driver broke down and wept as though he had lost his father and his everything in life. Such was the philanthropist Maharaja Saheb.

Maharaja Saheb was fiercely religious. Every morning after his bath and every night before going to bed, he used to perform puja for atleast 10 minutes. He strongly believed in the various days - Sunday being for Mahakali, Monday being for Lord Shiva, Tuesday being for Jagnath Mahadev etc. Maharaja was extremely secular in his outlook. On the special Dusshera and Diwali poojas, he used to have elaborate Pooja at the Mahakali temple at Chhota Udepur complete with the havan.

Maharaja Saheb lived a complete life of a royal. His lavish lifestyle reflected in our homes, be it the Kusum Vilas Palace or the flat at Cuffe Parade, Mumbai or the Chhota Udepur House at Vadodara. We had a big stable of cars as well - 5 of them (all vintage beauties) at Chhota Udepur and 3 at Mumbai.

Staying with Maharaja Saheb, brushed off a lot of his perspective on us. Today, we feel comfortable in matters of enterprise, politics, current affairs etc, simply on account of the time spent in discussions with him.

Maharaja Saheb was a perfect husband, a perfect father and a perfect gentleman.

His loss has left us orphaned and alone in the world. Every moment of my life I feel the absence of Maharaja Saheb. I feel his presence at each and every step that I take, guiding me and holding my hand.

On his passing away, Chhota Udepur observed a state of mourning in honor of their Maharaja.

"We have lost our best Maharaja. Chhota Udepur will not get such
        a Maharaja again"

                  Her Highness Rajmata Nirmalkumari Chauhan of Chhota Udepur