:: Acknowledgements ::

For some years now, my father H.H. Late Maharaja Virendrasinghji Chauhan had felt the need to chronicle the vast and rich history of Chota Udepur, till now, a non discreet and small town in the Baroda District of Gujarat. And what better manner to achieve this, than by launching www.maharajachhotaudepur.com.

The Khichi Chauhan dynasty has been ruling Chota Udepur for more than two centuries now. At the time when the first of my clansmen put step on this land, this was a beautiful land surrounded by hills and dense forests and inhabited by tribals Bhils & Rathwas. Our clan has played a pivotal role in making Chota Udepur and its surrounding areas of Pavagadh - Champaner what it is today.

I believe a portal would be one of the finest mediums for showcasing Chota Udepur, her glorious history, her transition from a predominantly tribal village to a modern town complete with all amenities. Also I felt need to chronicle and document the achievements of my clan the Khichi Chauhans, who have ruled this rather indistinct province in India, and to bring to the fore, the grandeur of my ancestry.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Nilesh Rana and Mr. Joydeep Ghosh for so meticulously documenting the entire past and present of Chota Udepur and launching this portal, which in my view is an apt window of Chota Udepur to the world at large.

His Highness Maharaja Aishwaryapratap Singh Chauhan
January 2007